INCA offers integrated care solutions

"The future will hold much more of integrated care provision"

INCA - Integrated Care Solutions
INCA Integrated Care solutions offers integrated care in several European countries. The integrated care concepts developed by INCA are based on the general experience of integrated care in Sweden ?as well as the specific competence that the founders of INCA have gained as founders and owners of the Swedish healthcare provider Neron and Vasco Advisers.

Sweden has come a long way in the implementation of Integrated Care. This transformation has been made with the patient in focus - and driven by public and private providers in co-operation.

Healthcare in Sweden is based on universal coverage and solidarity principles. At the same time the portion of the healthcare provided by private companies has continuously grown for more than 15 years.  As a private provider, we understand our role in a system of public financing  ?and we participate in the reshaping and development of healthcare.

INCA has developed concepts suitable both for urban and rural areas.

The founders of INCA all have several years of experience of formulating strategies for and implementing integrated care ?which means that we have understood the success factors, but also encountered the issues and challenges. It is our philosophy that the development of the future healthcare should and must include more than simple cost containment - satisfied patients and cost effectiveness can be achieved through intelligent solutions.

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